Each person I meet that walks through my office door I see as completely whole and healthy. It is the stories that we tell ourselves and habitual unhealthy patterning of behaviors that cloud the vision of our true innate happiness and health. Through learning how to see our thoughts through a new lens, the use of gentle awareness to breathe, and a whole lot of loving-kindness and compassion, I have witnessed countless individuals let go of what no longer serves them and become empowered to believe in how special and truly unique they are.

I read somewhere that all of us are striving for balance and are questioning what is the secret to finding this balance and then easily become frustrated when we fall short. The secret is that we are never fully balanced; we are constantly in a state of balancing. Each day of being alive is an opportunity to fine tune yourself, just like an instrument, to attempt to find that beautiful melody within knowing that a few squeaks and missed notes will be a part of the song.

Typically, we want to push away and attempt to avoid suffering and more challenging parts of ourselves. It is when we turn towards pain with love and acceptance that the dark clouds in the sky can part to let the sunshine appear. It is my intention to provide a safe, loving, and confidential space where each of my clients can find the hidden gems within.

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